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Touche Arduino

Steve Houben, Sebastian Buettrich Arduino Touché @pITlab – http://pit.itu.dk all credits & thanks: DZL, Mads Hobye http://www.instructables.com/id/Touche-for-Arduino-Advanced-touch-sensing/ we followed their instructable 100% and it worked straight away.  

Consider wireless security with EAP/802.1x completely broken / obsolete

Second comment to the security debate, e.g. here http://www.cso.com.au/article/432039/tools_released_defcon_can_crack_widely_used_pptp_encryption_under_day/ http://revolutionwifi.blogspot.dk/2012/07/is-wpa2-security-broken-due-to-defcon.html So MSCHAPv2 is completely broken. No problem. For EAP/802.1x wireless security, that should not matter, as we only use it inside a tunnel (TTLS, PEAP) (SSL protected). Popular EAP/802.1x-methods: PEAP+MSCHAPv2 or TTLS+PAP or TTLS+MSCHAPv2   BUT In most networks, on most clients, certificate validation is […]

MS-CHAPv2, widely used in WPA2 Enterprise, broken (more so than we thought)?

Quoting this DEFCON 20 article https://www.cloudcracker.com/blog/2012/07/29/cracking-ms-chap-v2/ “MS-CHAPv2 is used quite heavily in WPA2 Enterprise environments. In their 1999 analysis of the protocol, Bruce Schneier and Mudge conclude “Microsoft has improved PPTP to correct the major security weaknesses described in [SM98]. However, the fundamental weakness of the authentication and encryption protocol is that it is only […]