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Interview on freifunk.net

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On freifunk and community networking, in german:


Wireless Networking in the Developing World – now in print in 6 languages

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The book WNDW is now in print in 6 languages!  English, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Arabic, and now Indonesian.  Here's a picture of 5 out of 6 versions

wndw in 5 languages

wndw in 5 languages

wndw in 5 languages

Read more:

Wireless workshop, Nepal, Pokhara, 14-24 September

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A workshop on (not only) wireless networking in Pokhara, Sept 14-24, organized by

brings together about 30 participants from a.o. the Nepal Wireless villages, the Nepal NREN, ISOC Nepal, supporters and activists.

The first 5 days will be classroom/lab training, followed by deployments in 2-3 villages.

The workshop aims at

  • preparing the next phases of the Nepal Wireless network extension
  • empowering villagers to run and maintian their own networks
  • establishing a series of upcoming training events, by training future trainers and assembling a training hardware kit.

The workshop agenda (changes possible) is at


Sengerema Shared Mesh Network – Tanzania’s first of a kind

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This project is already a bit older – it was implemented in October 2008.

But on the occasion of presenting it at the ICTP Wireless School, and because i feel honoured to have been able to be part of it –

here s a presentation of it –

pictures mostly, but with many links for further reading.

And in case you are interested, or would like a higher resolution version of this file, just mail me at sebastian_at_wire.less.dk.


Here’s a few more links for further reading:

In one of the URLs cited, Miep Lenoir (IICD) writes:

Tanzania Telecentre Network (TTN) builds a wireless internet network in Sengerema. It is the first wireless community network in Tanzania, making internet available and affordable to a large number of people living in rural areas.

In the first phase, the wireless network connects six community organisations to the internet. In phase 2 and 3, it aims to connect all wards in Sengerema District. The community network will be officially launched on the 26 October at Sengerema Telecentre Mwanza Tanzania.

The first phase of the wireless network is built during a workshop from 20th – 25th October, 2008 at Sengerema Telecentre Mwanza Tanzania. The Workshop is being organized by TTN with support from IICD (International Institute for Communication and Development). The Tanzania Telecentre Network was established in 2007 by several telecentre managers for the purpose of creating a platform that facilitates knowledge sharing and capacity building on relevant content, technical skills and sustainability of telecentres. An important variable in a sustainable business model for telecentres are the costs for internet connectivity. For this purpose TTN had decided to pilot with a business model in which the costs for internet connectivity are shared with several stakeholders in the community by a wireless network.”

South African communications regulator (ICASA) confiscating social entrepreneur Dabba’s WiFi equipment – Media Coverage

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Here is a link collection regarding the case of South African communications regulator (ICASA) having sent their enforcers in to confiscate social entrepreneur Dabba’s WiFi equipment.

Village Telco Google Group Thread on Dabba Wifi Confiscation


Dabba’s site:



Steve Song writes at Many Possibilities blog, 18 February 2009:



Technology news site ITWeb writes, 18 February 2009:



ICASA defends confiscation






ongoing discussion at itweb:



David Rowe writes:

Prototype Village Telco Raided
February 24th, 2009


27 february, 2009:

ICASA needs a fat smack




The tide begins to turn:

ICASA’s Orange Farm seizure illegal?
23 March 2009

[ Johannesburg, 23 March 2009 ] – Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) inspectors, who confiscated telecoms equipment from an Aids orphanage, an Internet cafe and a skills centre in Orange Farm last month, ignored key parts of telecommunications legislation and proper procedure.
Staff at all three sites confirmed to ITWeb last week that the inspectors arrived at each location on 13 February, stating that equipment had to be confiscated because of “interference” with a Telkom link.
Staff at the sites also say inspectors failed to provide receipts for the seized equipment on the day, instead returning three weeks later with the correct forms.

23 March 2009

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

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wndw - arabic edition

wndw - arabic edition

“Wireless Networking in the Developing World”,

published in 1st edition 2006, 2nd edition 2008, and freely available under a Creative Commons license.

read more on wndw.net

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