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Oops, there goes Presumption of innocence – or, collateral damages of danish internet surveillance plans

This piece of PR by the danish police is advertising for the benefits of so-called sessionlogging – surveillance and logging of all internet session to be carried out by internet service providers. It has already been criticized and ridiculed, for example in Henrik Kramshøjs article here (danish),  for a number of factual errors and unfounded […]

Building the PiCloud – RaspberryPi & ownCloud

Why give your data to the big cloud (= someone else’s computer), when you can have the fun (and the control) yourself? Learn basic Linux, Raspberry Pi and ownCloud setup in this fun workshop, compiled for an event supported by IDA at the PITLab/ITU. Materials are shared here – if you run your own workshop, […]

Huawei brings 1Gbps internet to danish households

While this is not really a political item, just a technology decision: it is however remarkable, against the current backdrop of world affairs, cyberwars, etc – Huawei Partnership Brings 1 Gigabit Speeds Across Denmark

Non-free basics, half the net, bread vs cake, and more

      My NSRC colleague Steve Song has this excellent write-up Resolving the Free Basics Paradox on the Indian governments decision to effectively ban Facebook’s “free” internet offering. I will only add two aspects – slightly underrepresented, imho – to the discussion: 1/ Not Free Nothing new here: It is commonplace knowledge by now […]