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Raspberry Pi – first boot

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1. Physical connections

DVI screen, network, usb keyboard, power.

2. Prepare SD card

I m using Debian Squeeze as supplied here: http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/download.php?file=/images/debian/6/debian6-19-04-2012/debian6-19-04-2012.zip

It s the “image we recommend you use. It’s a reference root filesystem from Gray and Dom, containing LXDE, Midori, development tools and example source code for multimedia functions.”

Downloaded it, insert SD card, which in my case mounts as /dev/sdb1

# umount /dev/sdb1
# dd bs=1M if=~/Downloads/debian6-19-04-2012/debian6-19-04-2012.img of=/dev/sdb
1859+1 records in
1859+1 records out
1950000000 bytes (2,0 GB) copied, 947,865 s, 2,1 MB/s

3. First boot

Inserting it into the Pi.
Not so good: the card sticks out from the board quite a bit.
Well. nobody said to expect a cased designer product.

Power supply is known to be critical – i ve chosen a 5V/1200 mA – that should be margin enough.

Plug it in, boots without a problem.

Log in – some people noticed that the Pi comes with english keyboard settings as standard, so check whether you are QWERTY or QWERTZ.


# dpkg-reconfigure locales

as root to adjust your locales settings.

4. Summary so far

No surprises, install and boot is easy, following the guides linked from the raspberry site –


and some guides out there .

http://www.heise.de/hardware-hacks/artikel/Erste-Schritte-mit-dem-Raspberry-Pi-1573973.html (german)

Now we are starting running various tests, trying different images, seeing how the CPU copes, whether the board gets hot, etc.

to be continued


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